Thursday, 27 February 2014

5 Essential Irish Electronic Music Artists You Should Know About

White Collar Boy on stage

The Irish electronic music scene is gathering momentum. Over the past few years, a surge in interest in techno, house and other electronic styles has fostered the growth of a healthy ecosystem of producers and bands. The last year has seen a number of new acts appear on the scene, as well as new releases and worldwide recognition for established Irish artists.

Here are our top five essential Irish electronic acts:

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Best Clubs in Dublin for Techno, House and Electronic Music

The Dublin club scene is seemingly in a state of flux. With the closure of the Pod complex last year, Dublin lost its largest capacity venue which regularly held electronic music nights . A few years earlier, another of the big dance venues, Spirit Nightclub, renowned for house, trance and its spaced-out clientelle, closed its doors for the last time to reopen as The Academy, a venue with no focus on any particular genre. However, at weekends, there are still plenty of options for anyone looking to find a good DJ.

So where is there to go now to see some good DJs? I list my top choices below.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hotflush's Sigha at Kennedy's this Friday :: 21.09.2012


Dublin promoters Trainwreck have a treat in store this Friday. They're bringing London's Sigha to Kennedy's for a session that promises to be unmissable. 

Sigha, AKA James Shaw, is due to release his debut album on Hotflush Recordings in November which will mark a milestone in his transition from dubstep-influenced techno to more ambient techno beats. The forthcoming, 'Living with Ghosts', recorded in both his native London and his newly adopted Berlin, is hotly anticipated and judging by his latest tracks is going to be something special.